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We are a tiny family who love trying new things and talking about it after. We thought well lets try writing a blog about our travels … Taadaa!

On most of these reviews you will find a mom (Gen) review, a tween/ teen (Emily) review and a youth (Lea) review.

This is just our truth about our visits, you may of had a different experience but this was ours.

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3 reviewers
3 reviewers


Niagara falls; King Waldorf campground Maggot covered camping –

This adventure took place in 2011…

I wish to express my great disappointment in the king waldorf campground.
I checked in Saturday night, it was late, and very dark out. The agent at the counter was an older gentle man told me there was already many tents set up and I would most certainly not get a picnic table and fire pit in the tent area. and the store was closing in 5 minutes so the agent offered to upgrade me to a site with hydro, electric, a picnic table and fire pit assured. I hesitated but convinced of the integrity of the personnel I upgraded. She placed me on a corner lot…. easy to find… super, we find it easily and set up. The water tap was buried and unusable without a hose… and a stench waffled through the air… There was excessive noise and cars driving quite quickly through the lane way at ALL hours of the night, our neighbor had to get up, past 1 am to tell some people to keep it down because it was out of hand. where was the staff? Now I do not blame anyone for the extreme rain storm we had but at 5 am when I was looking for someone from the campsite there was no one to be found… we left before 7 am. As I looked over from our camp site I saw the field… almost empty, more that a dozen picnic tables, over 5 or 6 fire pits… I am very disappointed in the deception that the staff felt at ease with. I would not of upgraded had I known… and the stench…. was a garbage container 10 feet from my tent, covered in maggots! seriously the worst camping experience of my life!